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Our Herd of Alpacas

We have been raising Alpacas since 2008 and have built our herd to the place that we want to be. We have learned so much along the way and
are still learning. We have been blessed with 5 females and 2 males born
on our farm (pretty good odds). We are now ready to start selling some
of our wonderful Alpacas, so take a look at our list and although we think the prices are fair, we are open to any reasonable offers.

We currently have 16 huacaya alpacas at Meadow's Edge Farm consisting
of 11 females, 3 males and 2 geldings. If you are interested in purchasing an alpaca or breeding services, please contact our farm.For specific prices, please see our listings on Openherd or Alpacanation. Any alpaca purchased at our farm may be boarded for free for the first 4 months. After the 4 months, there will be a boarding fee of $3.00 per day. Meadow's Edge Farm also offers free financing with half price down.

Another way to get involved with Alpacas is to purchase a Community Supported Agriculture "CSA" share for a yearly fee. Meadow's Edge Farm can put together a package to fit your needs. Examples
of CSA share packages may include weekly or monthly hands-on time with the alpacas, felting lessons or fleece or yarn packages where you can witness an alpaca being sheered and take home alpaca
yarn or felted items. These and other options can be combined to come up with a custom package for you. Give us a call to discuss our CSA options. Click on the "Buy Local" link below for more information regarding CSA information and how to help local farmers.

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