About Our Farm

We are a small farm in South Jersey, located about a mile or two inland from
the Delaware Bay,right at the meadow's edge. That is why we picked our farm's
name. We saw our first alpaca in early September 2007 on our way to the Jersey
shore. I had seen an ad in a magazine probably two years or so before that and became
very interested but did not pursue the prospect of owning any of these unique animals.
After meeting our first alpaca and doing some research we decided to take the plunge.
We started our farm with two males and two females. The two males arrived home
in mid May of 2008 and our females came home at the end of July, 2008.

The day we brought our boys home we had a hard rain shower. After they were unloaded, we were
on our porch watching them as the sun was trying to come out and we ended up with a beautiful
double rainbow. We took that as a sign that these wonderful animals are our pot of gold at the end
of the rainbow!

In addition to raising alpacas, we have many other animals that you will see when you visit our farm.
Check out our Critter Corral to get a peek at some
of our animals. In our farm's store, we sell a variety
of alpaca and other items as well as produce items
and hay. The farm is also open for birthday parties,
family events, weddings and class field trips.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and
please feel free to contact us with any questions or
to set up a visit to our farm.